didier gomez

Roots in Andalusia never far from Baroque effervescence and African influence, the background of musician, a twofold legacy from the Bauhaus and the great decorative arts tradition, many voyages all over the world... All these influences and innate curiosity predispose Didier Gomez to feel beholden to his heritage. Barely surprised by his career, far from any desire to emphasize his singularity, he considers every act of creation to be naturally part of a context, an envoronment or a culture in which he is a stakeholder. Open to the world, this great traveller loves to immerse himself in the places, experiences and sensibilities he encounters. Not truly respectful of dogma, indifferent fo fads, he places humanity at the heart of his vocation as designer and interior decorator. For Didier Gomez, design is an art that creates social ties.

architect kenzo

Far from any purely formal and personal aesthetic concerns, present and attentive to people's experience and desires, his is concerned that his creations provide the values and aspirations he shares with them : "I feel the worries, confusion [noeuds] and expectations specific to each culture. What is important for me is an improved standard of living. The furniture and spaces I create are meaningful only if they can improve daily life, promote fulfilment and create harmony in living areas. I apply my art to well-being." From Europe to Africa, from the united States to Eastern Europe, if Didier Gomez's creations have appealed to so many great brands, companies and individuals, it is because he is always able to seize the right expression, that which is expected above all because it is experienced

designer armani

Design, commercial launch of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s first parfume, and Yves Saint Laurent parfumes Opium and Jazz.

Worldwide merchandising Kérastase L’Oréal. Furniture collections for Roset, Cinna, Moroso, Liv’it, Arthur Bonnet, Macé and Artelano

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